Employee Engagement

We connect your people with your purpose and goals. They can then bring your brand promises to life for your customers.

We engage employees with your transformation or the customer experience you want to deliver. We form strong partnership with clients to ensure that our research addresses the issues that both staff and management want to discuss. We work closely with our clients to understand and act on the results, helping to deliver the best possible return on your investment.

Our Employee Engagement Solutions including

Engagement Programmes

We are looking for meaning in our working lives. We want to be part of a movement that we can be proud of.

  • Connecting your leaders, people and initiatives to your purpose
  • Developing inspirational leaders as role models
  • Creating engaging experiences and stories
  • Communication what you are offering
  • Helping colleagues understand their role
  • Creating a unique and exceptional culture

Employer Branding

Compelling employer branding can transform recruitment and employee involvement.

  • Identifying what your target talent and employees looking for
  • Understanding what they think you vs your competitors
  • Reviewing your current brand, promises and employee lifecycle
  • Clarifying the culture that you want and need
  • Creating your story, promises and expectations with your people
  • Designing a powerful visual brand that tells your story
  • Building a strategy to communicate your brand

Engagement Roadmaps

By involving stakeholders in decision-making throughout your journey you build commitment

  • Sharing objectives and themes
  • Setting the direction and visualizing the future
  • Identifying barriers and enablers
  • Developing a story that resonates
  • Agreeing key milestones and stakeholders
  • Planning activities in line with objectives
  • Building a team that focuses on delivering the future
  • Building a team that focuses on delivering the future
  • Embedding chosen ways of working
  • Creating a shared responsibility

High Impact Events

Energetic and motivational activities are a great way to engage people. Powerful events win hearts and minds to a new culture, behaviors and processes.

  • Disrupting mindsets and behavior
  • Stimulating new thinking and creativity
  • Visualizing a shared future that achieves objectives
  • Supporting sense-making and creating ownership
  • Demonstrating leadership commitment