Leadership Development

We change the way leaders lead. Our leadership development builds the skills and behaviors they need to drive change, transform culture and create a more agile, customer focused business.

The established skill-sets and attributes of leaders are becoming less of a focus than what we term the “new fundamentals” of self-awareness and high IQ, resilience, behavioral agility and a learning mind-set. It is the journey through the leadership development process that is key.

We work with leaders to develop greater ability to take strategic action with clarity and confidence, in ways which inspire and motivate others. In addition to personal and inter-personal skills and capabilities, we pay particular attention to the systemic and strategic context that leaders work within on a day to day basis, developing effective use of critical analysis, agility in thinking, responsiveness and decision making.

The overall objectives of Leadership programme are:

  • To understand the institutional context, drivers and current challenges.
  • To explore the leadership attributes necessary to plan and implement institutional strategy.
  • To enhance managers’ ability to structure, organize and lead their departments in an engaging, dynamic and effective way.
  • To provide managers with a deeper understanding of their own leadership strengths and areas for development for the enhancement of leadership practice.
  • To signpost additional support and resources to enable enhanced leadership practice.
  • Building influencing styles and strategies.
  • Managing and engaging constructively in conflict situations.
  • Using creativity in building strategy and developing solutions to maintain competitive market advantage.