Management Development

At the heart of your business, managers hold the key of productivity. Many are not equipped with the skills they need to deal with the ever increasing demands they are faced with.

A great manager can make all the difference to team performance and help you retain valuable people. Managers need to feel confident and competent to have difficult conversations, challenge decisions and engage and influence stakeholders at senior levels, as well as inspire, motivate and engage their teams to give of their best and deliver outstanding performance.

Our approach focuses on bringing a lens of Appreciative Inquiry to what we do – starting with what managers are doing well, where they see their strengths and areas of passion. We working with real business issues and providing practical tools and techniques to develop more self-aware, strategic and effective managers and to deliver tangible business impact.

Connected Managers is our core management development programme. It helps managers engage their teams, manage change and drive team performance.

Our Management Development Helps Managers by:

  • Understanding their purpose, direction and values
  • Making sense of their role in the wider organization
  • Developing their leadership style
  • Developing quality relationships with their team
  • Being a great coach and developing team capability
  • Leading effectively through change