Talent Development

Effective talent management can give you a competitive advantage.

We can develop your strategy so that you always have the right people in the right roles who can respond to change. We use our combined knowledge in business psychology and in-depth understanding of the realities of work situation to build assessment processes and conduct specialist assessment for different segments.

Our Core Talent Management Solutions:

Talent Strategy

An effective talent strategy ensures you get the right talent in the right place, at the right time.

  • Creating a clear purpose, an overwhelming differentiator in attracting top talent
  • Developing a comprehensive strategy focused on achieving your strategic goals
  • Gaining commitment from your top team
  • Setting clear guidelines that can flex in line with cultural differences
  • Developing line managers’ skills to deliver and the skills of your HR team to drive and support this
  • Providing tools and online applications to maximize visibility

Building a leadership pipeline

Cultivating future leaders though is vital to long-term business health.

  • Identifying the pivotal positions in your organization
  • Creating a flexible leadership pipeline focused on development opportunities
  • Understanding and developing the skills and behaviors leaders need for each role
  • Integrating assessment and development solutions into your leadership pipeline
  • Giving leaders responsibility for career development through a digital platform which provides management information

Competency and behaviour Frameworks

A competency or behavior framework shapes the way you recruit, manage, develop and keep your people.

  • Articulating culture, strategy and transformation goals into clear behavioral statements
  • Defining capabilities, attributes and behavior for key roles
  • Bringing consistency to role descriptions, recruitment, performance management, capability development, career progression and workforce planning
  • Offering user-friendly digital solutions with easy access
  • Building your team’s skills to take ownership of capability and behavior frameworks